Opening a new cookie shop on Long Island is a much bigger undertaking than one might imagine!

My life has become a series of inspections, construction obstacles, and picking out colors, styles, textures. New content for this website didn’t materialize out of thin air — I had to provide it! And it’s not easy talking about yourself and putting it out there for all the world to read.

Making the multitude of decisions required to bring Mama’s to a more public eye has become my second full time job — all while keeping up with the current orders on my cookie plate. My family may tell me I am “one of a kind” and they wouldn’t trade me for the world, but I think they just want me to bring them home some warm gooey cookies. I’m so busy, I’m surprised they haven’t found another Mama!

No, really.

I’m never not working, it’s the bane of the budding entrepreneur — Our minds are always churning with new ideas and how to bring those possibilities into fruition. To quote my college-age daughter: “Are you working again? Of course, you’re working — that’s all you do these days. I can’t wait to be home this summer to see how you do it all!”

I’m such a lucky Mama — I have a family who supports my dream of bringing Mama’s Custom Cookies into brick and mortar existence and cheers me on along the way. I have to keep telling myself not to bite off more than I can chew — often. When I find that I am and that we are lacking in some much-needed family time, I try to find ways for them to be part of the process so that we can be together.

This means that Mr. Mama’s often finds himself playing chauffeur on deliveries while I pay construction bills, organize cookie orders, and brainstorm how to make customer’s cookie ideas a reality from the passenger seat. He gets to be my sounding board when things don’t go as smoothly as I anticipated. He has the front row seat to the entrepreneurial chaos.

I know, he’s one lucky guy.

As I approach the end of Phase 1 in making Mama’s Custom Cookies more accessible to the public, I already have possible thoughts of Phase 2 swirling in my mind. Until then, I can not help bursting with excitement about finally opening the doors of the Park Avenue store!

Come along with me on this journey and have a sneak peek into what is on the horizon at Mama’s Custom Cookies…I promise it is filled with smiles, laughter, and fresh baked goodness!